I am a management consultant at HWC, a small, woman-owned contracting firm in Washington DC, where I currently serve as lead for Strategic Design. In this capacity, I help clients explore and address issues at all levels – from environmental to individual – by applying analysis/synthesis, strategy, facilitation, and visual communication methods. My work supports both external (client-facing), and internal (company-focused) initiatives. I support several projects in the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

OpenFEMALogo_bSmall_Red_BlueI developed branding and identity packages for two FEMA teams – OpenFEMA, and FEMA’s
Enterprise Analytics Division. I have also designed and produced visual communication and facilitation tools for a variety of other projects, offices, and events at FEMA including the 2014 Mission Support leadership offsite; leadership workshops organized by FEMA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer; FEMA’s 2013 senior leadership offsite; and the FEMAStat 2012 annual report.

At DHS, I led a strategy workstream that supports the development and improvement of planning, programming, budget, and execution processes at a headquarters office. I guided change management efforts at the office and directorate-level, and continue to provide visual communications and facilitation support for a variety of stakeholder outreach efforts across multiple offices.
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I served as Project Manager for the development of the 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan. This role involved working closely with clients to scope and plan the project; conduct research and analysis; manage meetings and events; and provide training, communications, design, and facilitation support. Follow on work after Plan release included guiding efforts to properly resource, execute, and monitor Plan priorities.

I also provided analytical and strategic planning support for FEMA’s Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI). This project focuses on futures research, strategic communications, and stakeholder engagement.

I was a contributing author, editor, and chief visual designer for the 2013 SFI publication, Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice, Highlights from the Strategic Foresight Initiative.



From 2010-2012 I worked as an Instructional Consultant at the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence at Penn State University. This university teaching center is one of the largest in the nation. Here I worked with a team of instructional designers and faculty developers to support Penn State faculty, staff, and graduate students in improving their teaching.

I conducted individual consultations with faculty members and graduate students. During the consultations we discussed teaching methods, analyzed mid-semester feedback, interpreted student evaluations, etc. I also designed and facilitated workshops for graduate students, staff, and faculty from across the university on various topics related to course design, teaching methods, and pedagogy.

People sitting around tables in a workshop.

SITE workshops typically host 5-35 people. Participants include faculty, staff, and graduate students from across the university.

In my time at SITE, I taught the following workshops:

  • Building Inclusive Classroom Spaces: How college instructors can support identity, civility and democracy through Inclusive Excellence.
    e-Poster for Inclusive Excellence Workshop #1
  • Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom: Techniques for facilitating inclusive classroom discussion.
    e-Poster for Inclusive Excellence Workshop #2
  • Making Excellence Inclusive in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Classes.
    e-poster for the 3rd workshop of the Inclusive Excellence series
  • Best Practices for Powerpoint: Tips for teachers.
    Title Slide for the Best Practices for PowerPoint workshop
  • The Penn State Course in College Teaching (co-taught with Crystal Ramsay). Link to course blog.