Sample Materials

Intro here about using different types of materials in workshops and consultations


End of Semester Survival Tips for Faculty and Graduate Students (.pdf)

Blog Posts
Since I began at the Institute, blogging has become a much bigger part of my teaching toolbox. The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence has a general blog, to which consultants post on a regular basis, and cover all sorts of material related to teaching and learning. In the wake of the recent Penn State sex scandal, I recently contributed blog posts aimed at supporting faculty, staff and graduate student teachers during this difficult time:

In addition to the more traditional blog use, I’ve also used the SITE blog as a way to follow-up with workshop participants and build on some of the themes, suggestions, and tips generated in the session; to make resources available for further reading on the topic; and to publicize workshop materials so they reach a wider audience. Here are two examples of this application:

Lastly, for the Spring 2011 Course in College Teaching, I and my co-facilitator Crystal Ramsay incorporated a class blog. We used this blog to introduce readings for each week, to allow space for participants to interact asynchronously, and to post relevant follow-up materials as needed. Here are some examples of this type of blog post: