Diversity Ambassador for the Association of American Geographers (AAG) 2009 & 2012 annual meetings
As a Diversity Ambassador, I met with current and prospective students, faculty, and professionals from various areas of geography to discuss how best to incorporate students and employees of diverse backgrounds in the field.

Group photo of the founding members of the AAG Diversity Ambassadors

Founding Group of AAG Diversity Ambassadors Las Vegas 2009

Elected Student Representative for the AAG Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group (GPOW), 2009-2011
While serving with GPOW, I co-organized graduate-student research paper sessions for one annual meeting. This included writing the Calls For Papers (CFPs) for the sessions, vetting potential participants, and arranging for top-tier discussants.
Links to 2010 AAG session descriptions:
Gender, Sexuality & Space: In Memory of Glen Elder (view CFP)
Gender, Feminisms and Violence I (view CFP)
Gender, Feminisms and Violence II

Student Representative for the Penn State Geography Graduate Program Committee, 2009-2010
I worked with a faculty and graduate student team at the department-level to incorporate changes to the Penn State geography Ph.D. program. Together, we planned and facilitated a department-wide faculty retreat to discuss and agree upon changes to the doctoral program, including the design of candidacy exams, required coursework, and the order of milestones. These decisions resulted in tangible, positive changes in the doctoral program at Penn State.

Elected Officer for the Penn State University Supporting Women in Geography (SWIG) group, 2008-2010
As a SWIG officer, I helped plan and facilitate monthly meetings for SWIG members and the larger departmental community, including periodic lunches for visiting speakers. I also led a team to facilitate an annual outreach event (Supporting Young Women in Geography Day) for young women to visit the department and learn more about geography.

Photo of young girls working on a hand-drawn map

Participatory Mapping activity for SWIG's Supporting Young Women in Geography Day

Our SWIG chapter also facilitated various advocacy projects for women in the department, college, university, and discipline, including drafting a New Parent Accommodation for graduate assistants in our department. This accommodation combined with ongoing efforts at the college and university-levels, and was subsequently enacted university-wide. In this letter (.pdf) from Eva Pell, Dean of the Graduate School, SWIG was praised for its “catalytic role” in the development of the university’s New Parent Accommodation Guideline (.pdf), guaranteeing new parents up to six weeks of time off immediately after the birth or adoption of a child. For these advocacy, outreach, and professional development activities, our organization was subsequently honored with the 2009 Outstanding Student Organization of the Year Award from Penn State, and the Jan Monk Service Award from the Geographic Perspectives On Women (GPOW) specialty group of the AAG. You can read about these accomplishments in the Geography Department’s summer/fall 2009 newsletter.

Member of the 2008 No)Boundaries Graduate Student Conference Organizing Committee
I led a team to plan, fund, and coordinate a special session to the annual graduate student No)Boundaries conference. I wrote successful proposals to obtain funding for the conference from various university and disciplinary organizations and coordinated the attendance of a well-known scholar in the field to be the conference keynote speaker.
Link to 2008 No)Boundaries Conference Poster (.pdf).

Other professional service positions held:
Book Reviewer for Gender, Place and Culture: a Journal of Feminist Geography
Reviewer for the Journal of Rural and Community Development
Member of the Penn State LGBTA Support Network, 2009-2011
Student Representative for the Penn State Geography Coffee Hour Colloquium Committee, 2009-2010
First Year Mentor for the Penn State Geography Mentoring Program, 2008-2010