Teaching & Training

Penn State University

  • GEOG 010: Introduction to Physical Geography (2x)
  • GEOG 160: Mapping Our Changing World
  • GEOG 333: Human Dimensions of Natural Hazards

Teaching Assistant

  • GEOG 010: Introduction to Physical Geography
  • GEOG 020: Introduction to Human Geography (2x)


Photo of a group of students taken from inside a limestone cave

A Geography 010 field trip to limestone caves in Penns Valley, PA

In addition to teaching as both a Teaching Assistant and Course Instructor, at Penn State I also served as Assistant Undergraduate Advisor for one semester, while our regular advisor was on leave. This position involved helping current and prospective undergraduate geography majors and minors with course scheduling, program-planning, and developing career goals.

I worked for seven years at this nonprofit organization in California. During that time, I served in several positions, including as a Field Coordinator, responsible for recruiting, contracting with, and training PeopleLink’s national teaching staff. In this capacity, I developed and conducted seminar training exercises for group leaders on how to recruit volunteer host families, teach conversational English, and coordinate field trips for visiting international students. I also supervised and served as an on-call resource for group leaders while student groups were in-country. In my time at PeopleLink, I supervised over 200 group leaders who implemented educational programs for over 3000 international students from Japan, China, France, and Spain.

Japanese Student Group in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
Redwood Region Motorcycle Training
I have been an avid motorcyclist for ten years. One summer, a friend recruited me to become a Motorcycle Safety Foundation-Certified RiderCoach. Held over a weekend, with 10-20 participants, this course is designed to reduce motorcycle accidents, injuries, and deaths. As a RiderCoach, I delivered classroom modules on basic motorcycle operation, maintenance, and safety. I also described, demonstrated, and coached participants through riding exercises. This was an enjoyable weekend job working with motorcyclists, enjoying the sunshine, and promoting motorcycle safety. I also learned a lot about teaching (see my teaching philosophy).

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Training Course in Cloverdale, CA

Redwood Region Motorcycle Training Course in Cloverdale, CA

Teaching Intern
As an undergraduate student and recently-graduated geography major, I aided a geography department faculty member with grading student papers and long-format essay exams for Social Geography and World Regional Geography classes. I also chaperoned a group of SSU geography students on a 10-day trip to Ecuador.

A photo of a van on a steep road in Ecuador

The SSU geography students make a stop on the ancient Inca road in Ecuador